EPROX DEALMANAGER for 360T forms the bridge between your 360T trading system and the transaction management in SAP. Our add-on sees itself as a crucial link to close the gap between front office and back office in terms of a fully integrated and automated end-to-end process. On Premise.

Performance characteristics:

The correction of the correction of the correction… Fortunately, the reversal of business transactions is rare in a highly automated system – but due to its complexity, it is tedious and error-prone. If an error is detected late, many process steps have to be reversed, clearing documents have to be dissolved, compensations have to be withdrawn, valuations have to be reversed and much more. The system determines the sequence.

Our REVERSAL TOOL navigates you through this process, always shows you the current status and guides you to the next step at the push of a button. The reversals themselves are carried out exclusively with SAP standard transactions.

Reversibel business transactions:


From short-term financial planning to long-term capital requirements planning, from the identification of plan/plan and plan/actual deviations to the simulation of suitable measures. Planning and controlling your liquidity is an integrative process and a central task of the treasury. EPROX LIQMANAGER is a solution that is fully integrated into SAP TRM and supports you comfortably and professionally in managing this task.

Performance characteristics: