Consulting-by-Slides. Bureaucracy. Hierarchy.
Don’t need it? Neither do we!

Use your treasury know-how in a team of specialists, develop solutions that are appreciated and used and create added value for our clients. For us, success is no coincidence, but the consequence of our experience. Be a part of it!

Appreciation: The recognition of our clients determines the value of your work. The track record of a consultant is the successful completion of challenging projects. Our renowned clients are summiteers in their industries – we would like to take you with us on our joint expeditions.

Focus: Professional and technical competence in corporate treasury and asset management require many years of commitment. We will only deploy you where we pursue our strategic goals and not where it is opportune at the moment

Freedom: You work in a self-determined environment. Full-time, part-time, home office – the possibilities are many. Our clients and projects provide the framework, you make the rules.

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